The page of the biggest weapons manufacturer in all of Fantilia, North-Star Guns.


In the year 3103 North-Star Guns was founded on the "North-Star Island". After Sir Dane Zackson decided to become a gun manufacturer, he bought the abandonned island and everything on it. Now it serves as the headquarters and factories of North-Star Guns.

It wasn't until 3127 that the people of Fantilia started to notice the high quality of the weapons that Dane created. As more and more people started ordering guns, he hired more and more people. As of year 4673, North-Star Guns has more than 2,506,002 employees living and working on the island. It's actually starting to get too crammed, so the thousand year old company is expanding outwards, setting up new offices and factories all throughout Fantilia.

The current head of office is actually Mariane Zackson, although she only puts the name to it. She's too busy with the army to take care of business, so she hired ten people to take care of it for her.


There's an enormous selection of products to select from, and if you don't see what you want, you can have it made for not too much cash!

The products are all in 6 different CLASSES. The CLASS is what determines the power source and design of the weapon. The classes are: Nukleus, Teslatic, Mechanical, Magic, Steam powered and Plasmatic.

Then there's the GRADE of the weapon. This will determine the quality of the weapon. This is the list of GRADES from lowest to highest: Rookie, Medium GRADE, Army GRADE, KNIGHTLY. Of course the higher grades are far more expensive than the lower ones.

Now last but not least, the TYPE of the weapon. These are the 18 TYPES: Hand gun, Assault Rifle, SMG, Portable machine gun, Stationary machine gun, Artillery, ADVANCED Artillery, Missile, Grenade, Fire bomb, Bomb, Sniper Rifle, ADVANCED Sniper Rifle, Artillery Shell, Sword, Dagger, Axe, Stun Gun, Hunting Rifle and Shotgun.

The most popular combination as of 4679 was the Army Grade Plasmatic Advanced Sniper Rifle. This was purchased in huge amounts by a millionaire for his private army on a small island in the Panaj Cove. The LEAST popular combination as of 4679 was the Knightly Nukleus Artillery Shell. Only 3 has been sold since they came up on the market in 4267. They were used by the Azillian Air Force to completely obliterate the Lowlands in a land dispute in 4267. Since then, no one has dared buy them out of fear that they might accidently go off and destroy the area.


The most customers seems to be Aero-Pirates, private armies and the various royal armies of Fantilia.